It’s been a while since I have been in touch with you!
The reason being (well the main reason) is I have been super busy travelling around the West Coast of America and working on a couple of new startups that I’m really excited about!
One is based on DNA testing and then a follow up service that provides custom and unique fitness guidance – In a nutshell it’s genetic testing that enables a certified coach to strategically create an ultimate health and fitness programme across nutrition and training, that’s totally unique to you and your genetic makeup. It’s seriously cool and the results people are getting are incredible… I really like it as it’s not some fitness FAD (it’s based on genetics and science) and it’s a program that’s designed to be truly sustainable for the long term…
The other is a new training company that educates people on an amazingly straight forward business model where you import products from China and then market them on Amazon (UK,EU, USA and soon Aus) for a really healthy profit. You can import existing products that are already proven and you can also create your own from scratch.
I’m personally currently working on a cool design of Bluetooth earphones and something else that I am keeping a secret for now 😉 I’m off to China in January to begin the manufacturing… Exciting stuff!
The two new brands I am working on are ‘My DNA Coach’ headed up by Jonny Deacon. And ‘ImportXperts’ headed up by Lewis Wade. Both are absolute legends in their field.
Keep an eye out on your inbox over the next few weeks as I will be sharing a ton of awesome content from these guys. Podcasts and videos. I would be seriously surprised if you do not find both of them extremely informative and inspirational!

I also have some game changing training for you over the next week that you can start on right now 🙂

Oh, and yes it’s free…

Here’s what I will be covering in the training.
1. How individuals all around the world are cashing in on the digital gold rush by starting and growing profitable online businesses that provide lifestyle freedom… AKA the digital life. (No previous experience or technical skills required)
2. The ideal business model for the budding ‘freedom entrepreneur’ looking to escape the rat race and secure their future with an online business. (no existing product or business idea required)
3. How to multiply your profits, by working smarter rather than harder. Learn the principles behind Apple (the most profitable company in the world) and how to apply them in your own business.
4. The fastest way to get started… THIS WEEK!
Once you have had a chance to go through the training I would love to hear your feedback too. As this is really planned for 2017 release but I am (for the first time ever) ahead of schedule for the New Year!
Hope you are having a great day and enjoy the training if you decide to register for it..
– Stuart
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