Our Team

One of the things that makes our student and client experience stand out from the crowd is our team. Each person has been carefully chosen not only for their outstanding expertise, but also for having the same passion and drive as our founders – Jay and Stuart – when it comes to delivering high value to our members at every turn.


Justin Woolf – Leadership, Marketing, Business Consultant

Justin’s speciality is illuminating people’s innate power so they can achieve their fullest potential. His experience includes building three multimillion dollar businesses. Justin’s best friends are his Bullmastiff’s Stella Bella and Piggy Rose.


Ashley Burley – Business Consultant

Bringing his insider expertise in online marketing and an easy-going personality, Ash guides our new members in getting on track successfully. His out of hour’s activities include soccer, boxing and wrestling with his overly-excited dogs.


Daniel Stewart – Business Consultant

With his outstanding customer experience skills and online marketing expertise, Daniel guides our new members on their journey like a lighthouse. Out of hours, he loves music, keeping fit and spending time with his twelve nieces and nephews.

Mark Hayes

Mark Hayes – Business Strategy

With over 30 years in global product sales, Mark is a rock star when it comes to data-driven, strategic planning that gives our company and members a clear trajectory to achieve their business goals. His passion makes everyone he comes into contact with want to level up and reach for the stars. Mark makes his home in sunny Florida and has the muscles to match his brains.

Oliver Mallory – Business Consultant

Oliver excels as a Small-to-Medium Business Growth Consultant and he’s passionate about helping our members achieve success. Out of hours, he enjoys playing football (soccer), learning about future technology and getting creative with making music.

Lauren Kingsman – New Member Services

Lauren’s expertise lies in luxury customer service and sales. She has a sparkly, happy go lucky personality and gives our new members a warm welcome. Lauren is in her element when keeping fit, exploring new places and playing with her four dogs.

Member Services

Brenda Campbell – Member Services

Brenda brings 15 years’ expertise and a huge heart to the table. She heads our support team helping members get setup with their business platforms. Brenda and her husband love spending time with their grandchildren and watching baseball.

Irene Webster – Community Liaison

Irene brings her huge heart to the world of social media and our entire community. She has a wide scope and a very large presence here. Irene recharges by making her home an oasis of inspiration and walking her ‘special beach’.

John Bromley – Member Services User Experience

John began with us in a Support role, but quickly revealed his flair for organizing all things User Experience. Out of hours he’s passionate about a lifestyle that allows for lots of travel, while he also enjoys basketball, rowing and playing guitar.

Rebecca Bromley – Accounts & Billing

Rebecca is a small-business support specialist, both for SFM and as an entrepreneur. She feels strongly driven to help others achieve and to leave things better than she finds them. Rebecca lives on a farm – she enjoys kayaking and candle-making.

Patrizio Pezzutto – Member Services System Consultant

Patrizio joined SFM as a student in the summer of 2015 and became part of our Support Team in 2016. He feels his purpose is to inspire others to be the best they can be. Other talents include being an espresso connoisseur and a prolific musician.

Sandra Lemming – Member Services System Consultant

Sandra has a diploma in business and 30 years’ experience in customer service. She loves helping people find their inner potential and achieve their dreams. Out of hours Sandra can be found cooking with family or sitting in the sun listening to music.

Frank Sieben – Member Services System Consultant

Frank has the gift of truly listening to people and spreading the love – he inspires by always speaking from the heart. Being highly creative, Frank is a gifted songwriter and music producer. He also owns a business and does motivational podcasts.

Jill Humphreys – Member Services System Consultant

Jill comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and has a wealth of experience in a number of fields. She loves helping to empower people. Other passions include Italian food, moonlit chats and walking her four-footed soul mate Westie along the coast.

Content & Design Creative

Justin Lingenfelter – Content Management

Justin is the magic touch behind the scenes when it comes to rolling out the red carpet for our member experiences, training curriculums, daily broadcasts and more. When he’s not making sure our community is in the loop on fresh value from SFM, Justin and his wife love pulling funny faces when people least expect it and taking their two beautiful sons on fun outings.


Melissa Fletcher – Brand & Content Conversion

With 15 years’ expertise in online marketing within the corporate arena, Melissa specializes in creating digital brand trust and breathing life into all things content. She joined our team in September 2015. When not typing away on her keyboard, Melissa can be found curled up with a book or strolling through scenic landscapes.


Alex Eastman – DEA PLATINUM Director

Alex proved his mettle by building his own Internet Marketing School and running it successfully for over three years before selling it. He is now heading our DEA PLATINUM Level team (the Brand Incubator is our in-house branding agency which takes our members’ businesses to the next level). Just some of Alex’s other talents include being a graphic designer and semi-pro footballer.

Tony & Carmen Matthews – Corporate Social Media Strategy

DEA BLACK Level members Tony & Carmen bring their skilled social media magic to our team. They also own two successful digital businesses. This dynamic duo has been living the laptop lifestyle travelling the world since 2014, with no plans to stop!


Sarah Magazzo – Content Specialist

With a BA in communications and her experience as a social media manager, Sarah manages our corporate blog, brings vitality to online content and also helps keep our members feeling motivated. Out of hours, Sarah loves travelling the world.

Patty Peery – Social Media & Video Curation, SFM ELITE Coach

Patty’s passion is social media and making our members feel welcome. She is also our curator of company videos and training. Out of hours, Patty gives much of her time to cci.org – training service dogs that help people with disabilities.


Carol Kubassek – Team Facilitation (Administration, Compliance, HR)

Carol’s expert reach extends to all areas of SFM operations, from smoothing the path for team members to keeping us dialed into the vision of our founders. Carol brings over 15 years’ experience in business, including the ongoing success of her online boutique company. Out of hours, Carol enjoys photography and is devoted to her adorable family of rescue animals.


Kerry Larson – Project Management

With over 14 years of project and team management expertise, Kerry is passionate about moving our projects forward in the most effective way possible, so we can deliver life changing experiences for our members. He is an avid Star Wars fan and makes sure that The Force is with us at all times. When he’s not sparring with Darth Vader, Kerry is a loving family man.

Danielle Wilson – Marketing Leadership

Danielle brings a decade of training, branding and entrepreneurial expertise to our team. She is passionate about personal development and showing marketers what it takes to create long term businesses success. Out of hours, when she’s not spending time with her beautiful son, Danielle can be found creating pottery at her wheel or playing guitar.

Jay Williams – Marketing Training

A long standing SFM/DEA member and entrepreneur, Jay is the guide behind many of our helpful video tutorials and also provides training for ELITE’s. Out of hours, he loves travelling, munching chocolate, playing football (soccer) and dance music.

Rich Reed – Event Management, Administration

Rich helps make our member events spectacular. He is also our all-round Fixer – big or little he gets the job done, and having a military background he’s all about efficiency. Rich is driven and inspired daily by his wife and three beautiful kids.

Kristin Reed – Event Coordination

With vast experience in Events Planning, Kristin’s magic touch makes our gatherings unforgettable. She lives for her husband and three kids – Kristin can be found rooting for her energetic youngsters at soccer, ballet, track practice and more.


Bert de Waal – Finance Administration

Bert is our “Numbers Guy” – from accounting wizardry to taking care of payroll. Having built his career in engineering and then the transportation industry, he brings over 25 years expertise to the table. Out of hours, Bert is a Star Trek fan, keyboard player, health juicer and motorcycle enthusiast. He and his wife are devoted to their adorable family of rescue animals.



Jason Beach – Tech Management

Having an extensive background in Photoshop design and bringing ideas to life on screen, Jason’s skills extend to project management and front-end development. When he’s not wowing with his tech talents, Jason is an ace guitar player, avid concert goer and enthusiastic globe trotter.


Jonas Beel – Platform Development

With a BA Degree in marketing and a passion for this field, Jonas also has extensive experience with the Adobe Creative suite. Over the years he has built up a real eye for design, which complements his excellent web development skills. Out of hours he is a devoted husband and father, guitar player and sports enthusiast.

Marius Gabriel – Director of Digital Business Lounge

Marius is the force behind making our business suite (DBL) a leading, cutting-edge platform. With a passion for digital marketing and entrepreneurship, he is dedicated to building online systems that inspire people to realize their dreams. Out of hours, Marius loves to play pool, BBQ, read and travel Europe. He and his wife are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl.


John ‘JJ’ Jackson – Leadership Development

With his passionate communication style, JJ brings a powerfully fresh conversation to the concepts of true leadership, transformation and positively impacting others. He has a unique understanding of the principles needed for personal and entrepreneurial success. Out of hours, JJ is a gifted portrait artist and woodwork creative. He also loves coaching his son’s basketball team.


Guy Ferdman – Member Training

Co-owner of the SatoriPrime legend at SFM, Guy shares his advanced marketing expertise with members each week. Out of hours, some of his interests are personal development and meditation. Guy adores his two cats and loves to travel the world.


Ilan Ferdman – Member Training

Co-owner of the SatoriPrime legend at SFM, Ilan shares his advanced marketing expertise with members each week. Tennis, driving fast cars and DJing are just a few of Ilan’s many hobbies when he’s not relaxing with his beautiful wife and two kids.


Christian Bir – Marketing Compliance Consultant

DEA BLACK member Christian is a master at Google Compliance and shares his knowledge with our team so we never make the search giant angry! Out of hours, he loves to DJ, dance and spend time with his beautiful wife and three energetic kids.


Greg & Fiona Scott – DEA GOLD Level Coaches

Authors of ‘Living A Laptop Lifestyle’, freedom ambassadors Greg and Fiona are another of our major success stories. While enjoying stunning locations around the world, they also share their invaluable marketing expertise with our community.


Mark Ford – DEA BLACK Level Liaison

Mark brings a wealth of experience to DEA as a former attorney turned successful entrepreneur. He is a top notch digital marketer specializing in zero-cost lead generation strategies. Mark is also a former DJ with over 1000 gigs under his belt, including Ozzy Osbourne’s 50th birthday party. These days he enjoys traveling the world watching cricket matches.