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Stuart Ross
and I have a lot in common, we are both very passionate about Internet Marketing and helping those that we have the privilege to work with succeed. I have known Stuart for a couple of years as we are both leaders in YourNetBiz and the Turnkey Marketing Group. As I have gotten to know Stuart, I have come to appreciate his dedication to his work and to a greater degree his desire to achieve greater levels of success as he pushes the envelope. I am pleased to welcome Stuart Ross as my guest on the Internet Business Blueprint Podcast where he will share

* His Unique Story
* Why He Chose Internet Marketing
* Why He Loves Direct Sales
* Why He Loves Building Teams
* His Favorite Marketing Strategies

This will be a powerful and informative hour of actionable advice and wisdom from someone who has achieve tremendous success online.




  • Steve Hawk

    Stuart, That was a terrific interview with James (my sponsor in Primo Vacations). You are absolutely right about big-ticket direct sales being the best route to take in this business. It took me a little while to figure that out but I'm glad I did!

    Keep up the great work and continue to add tremendous value.

    Steve Hawk