The antidote to prevent you failing with your online business!

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It's unfortunately too common I hear of people giving up on their online business dreams... Many, to my surprise within just weeks of getting started. Now of course, some people are just, well frankly, lazy! Others just clearly not all that bothered about it. It's kind of a whim thing for them I guess. But, and a big BUT at that! Many people do really want it bad... And nothing upsets me more than seeing students of mine fall by the wayside when the going gets tough and the commitment they once had starts to drift away... It's for this reason I have shot the video below. It's my hope that the guidance I give you in this video, will be all you need to ensure you persevere and win the game. Enjoy, SR ... [Continue Reading]

“How quickly can I make money online?”

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In this video I answer another common question that I get landing in my inbox daily... "How quickly can I make money online?"... And as much as I would love to tell you what you want to hear... e.g. In you first week... I'm going to just tell you straight... Another point I will make - is that one of the most common reasons I see people fail online is because of false expectations, or frankly, just un-realistic goals. They get started with this idea that they can just click a few buttons and spend little to no time (and investment) on their business and then just watch the cash start to roll in. Well I am afraid to say, it just doesn't happen like that... Now that isn't to say you can't see results pretty fast. I am just saying that it isn't going to happen in a few days of getting started and with little effort... The real secret (if you want to call it that) to fast results is nothing more than putting in some serious work... and of course the right work. ... [Continue Reading]

Your Best Year Yet Is Calling: 3 Keys To Unlock It Today


Imagine how you would respond to this greeting when you answer your telephone: "Hello! This is Your Best Year Yet calling. Are you in?" Would you be glancing in the rear view mirror of your life, only seeing the debris? Want to unload it, travel lighter in the year that's calling? It's time to write new plans on your new calendar. Here are 3 steps you can take today toward answering the call to your best year yet. 1. Adopt new attitudes that free you from your past and write them down. Write a gratitude list of what means the most to you today. List new ones as they unfold. Review it with a thankful heart each morning. Make a separate quick-reference list to keep in your wallet. On one side, write the past experiences that are most important to you. Should you feel your spirit veering off course, review your list right where you stand to remind you that you are on a right track. Each night before you sleep, review your day. See if there are any amends you need to ... [Continue Reading]

20 key principles to succeeding at life!


I'm sure you'll agree that success isn't measured in solely monetary terms. A true measure of how successful someone is can most often be found in how happy they are in life. With that said, here are 20 ways to succeed at life in general. :) 1. Let go of the past. Just as a balloon filled with helium can't rise into the sky with a weight attached to it, neither can you move forward in life without letting go of what holds you back. The past is the past; leave it there, and look towards the future. For example, if you didn't achieve your goals in 2013, now is the time to let that go and start looking forward. 2014 is a new year and you have the opportunity to use what you learned in 2013 to make 2014 your best year yet! 2. Know what resources you have. Keeping a close eye on your financial and emotional resources will allow you to go far. If you're more patient than most, take on a tedious task that might frustrate others. Use your abilities to your advantage. 3. Always be ... [Continue Reading]