Coffee With Authors of “Living a Laptop Lifestyle”

Join us for a coffee with authors of "Living a Laptop Lifestyle" - Greg and Fiona Scott, where you'll hear about their personal journey to freedom and how they managed to escape the corporate 9-5... Even though it wasn't what they had initially planned! Find Out More About The Academy To watch the rest of this complimentary video series just enter your email below and we will send them directly to your inbox over the next 7 days! . . ... [Continue Reading]

How The Best Business Ideas Are Born

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Too many people sit around waiting for the perfect business idea to fall onto their lap. I know it does happen occasionally, but most successful business owners had to go out and find ideas themselves. I always have people asking me how the best business ideas are born. The short answer - ideas happen when you mix passion and observation and the two live happily ever after. The long answer is a little more complex. Ideas are usually everywhere if you know where and how to look for them. Making sure those ideas go past their infancy is up to you. Here is a quick process for finding a good business idea. Step 1. Find Out What Others Hate Doing I've found the best ideas help others do what they hate doing. For instance, I might hate doing house work, but I need it to get done. I can either begrudgingly do it myself or have a cleaning company/individual take care of it for me. The reality is, we all hate doing something. The key is to find out what individuals and even businesses ... [Continue Reading]

Our training courses are crap! (apparently)

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This morning when I was checking some of my inbox messages on Facebook I received a message form a pleasant chap claiming that our training courses must be crap! He came to this conclusion because of something I mentioned in yesterdays video when I spoke of a student of ours who'd made only $50 in commissions in his first 6 months... He then when on and referred to the fact that our programs were not cheap and because of that very fact, this student I spoke of should be making at least several thousand a month... And seeing as he wasn't - our course must be "a pile of shit". This thought process is, frankly, stupid... Here's why   ... [Continue Reading]

A Special Webcast Invite

Stuart Ross - Six Figure Mentors

I find it funny, even crazy, when I think about how different my life would be today if I hadn't stumbled across the Internet marketing industry. One thing I am pretty sure of is that I would still be most likely trading my time for money, working for the man and have little to no freedom! It's for that reason I feel so insanely motivated about introducing this phenomenal industry to others, just like you! With the latest way being via special Webcasts we will be streaming... So if you think you may be interested in finding out more about this industry and how it may offer you something exciting to get your teeth stuck into... make sure you get registered for the next stream!! Until next time. - Stuart   ... [Continue Reading]